Thursday, October 1, 2009

The White House is hostile attitude against the Fox commentators, and individual Glenn Beck

I do not like Truman prevented journalists from approaching the presidential yacht. Franklin D. Roosevelt in place of earshot of press critics in the back of the room during the press conferences for the presidency.

No, this minute in the White House, Barack Obama. The White House said blog posting this week rejected claims from Fox News, frankly: "lies". We do not expect an apology to the owner Rupert Murdoch's network.

The aim of the White House was Glenn Beck, conservative Fox News, who regularly pokes at the White House with the provocative comment. But the cable network and the White House not only through the means of part Beck. Fox News reported that the White House with regard with suspicion and even contempt is an understatement. And Fox News' Chris Wallace in the White House recently called "the biggest block Crybabies," since Obama all the major networks, with the exception of interviews on the Fox News talk shows Sunday.

This is what shows the relationship combustible and heat-partisan political television cable must remain in step with the spread of the virus from the information at lightning speed. Aggressive in the White House response to the bed has also pledged to achieve a new civility in politics.

A Blog after the game on Wednesday at the White House by Jesse Lee, Director of Programs on the Internet from the White House disputes Beck criticized for the Olympic Games Obama-seeking trip to Copenhagen under the title: "Reality check: I'm trying to become a point of pride in a moment of shame.

This is referred to Beck by mistake in referring to the losses incurred by the Vancouver hosting the Olympic Games. Vancouver will host the Olympic Games until 2010, and again to tell the Calgary Olympics. But the blog entry does not meet the basic point - that could be the Olympic Games economically draining the host city.

Blog and also refuted the proposal by the guest Beck that Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett was involved in a telephone call to the controversy in August trying to recruit artists to create works that promote the policies of President Barack Obama. The White House pointed out that Garrett did not participate in the conversation. He did note that one of his aides did not.

At the end of his post, gave me a link to PolitiFact, a Pulitzer Prize winner and one exposed site on the internet that claims that the political director for the White House, Patrick Gaspard associated nut, and community organizing group now under government control.

"For more of the lies Fox" blog, says: "See the latest reality SM PolitiFact function exposes the false claims that an employee at the White House, which is still repeated by Glenn Beck and others in the network.

Under Fox refers to the Associated Press for his comments Beck, Wednesday and Thursday shows. On Wednesday, Beck recent criticism on Jarrett, although he did not repeat the allegations denied by the White House. On Thursday, he acknowledged his mistake for the Olympic Games to Vancouver. Thus, the persons included in the financial challenges that the preparations for the Games.

The White House is aware that news organizations to pay greater attention to the Fox TV network, and afternoon talk show host, led by the legitimate stories, such as a former administration official and Obama, the Jones scandal over the nut.

Obama aides say the sharp tuna blog is just a continuation of the efforts of the White House to act quickly and forthrightly to the unfounded allegations of health-care plan the President. Noted that Obama often says that the war on gangs, defuse conflict in Washington, does not mean it will turn the other cheek.

"The president said in his speech to Congress that he had the situation of those who recorded incorrectly, which includes ideological news sites like Fox News and the various commentators," said Dan Pfeiffer, deputy communications director at the White House.

"In this day and age," Pfeiffer added that "any lie that the President met for, no matter how ridiculous fee or question the source."

Certainly, the President has had tense relations with the press after the founding of the Republic. Truman could not hide their disdain for the Chicago Tribune, and then there was Richard Nixon, who took him to the press to ignore the unmatched levels of journalists, including his own "enemies list."

But network news calls the allegations as "lies" is the face of extraordinary - and calculated.

"The degree of resistance - Calling something a lie - it is interesting," said Stephen Hess, a great honor at the Brookings Institution, who was a consultant and adviser to Presidents Dwight Eisenhower, emotional rhetoric. "During the President lose cool, but most often than not regret it."

Tad Devine, Democratic strategist who has worked in several presidential campaigns, indicating that the Internet is a freewheeling way that the fans and rude, sharp wit. But commonly used tactic in a political campaign, is harvested once the best candidate is back in the office.

"When I was in the government, contrary to the campaign, a different perch, you must be careful about what you say when you are in an official capacity," said Devin.

Pfeiffer careful not to read too much in the use of the word "lies", and not to the back of its meaning.

"We will use it when there is a deliberately dishonest statement," he said. "I do not think there is any doubt that what was there before, just use the word".

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