Friday, October 16, 2009

7th Heaven - the new operating system and Windows, Vista

Next week, Microsoft released Windows 7, smooth, much better than the system of work that should go a long way to remove the bad impression left by the previous efforts, Vista.

If you've been holding off from buying a new computer, and Windows 7 will be a good excuse to get back in the game. If the distance on the Mac over a Windows PC, you should know that Windows 7 will make it more attractive, although it is not clear cut choice of all. Windows is now easier to use and better looking than ever before, while maintaining the basic advantage of the cheaper and more versatile devices.Should, however, that most computer users do not accept the release of Windows 7 as a call to action, or believe that they should run out and buy software for computer use, they are planning to save the peace. In the upgrade is likely to not be worth the time and money, not to mention the efforts to host a Windows 7 'Launch Party ", as suggested by Microsoft.

Windows 7 will come in several versions. Aims only to consumers in the United States is the Home Premium, which cost $ 120, if bought as an upgrade to XP or Vista. You can buy it download or CD-ROM. Home next Thursday, will be installed as they come on new PCs.

Here are some of the highlights:

# Taskbar - taskbar icons usually found at the bottom of the screen - now appears more of the programs that are executed. You can also stick figures of your favorite programs to be launched quickly. It's quick and convenient, which combines the best features of the tape with the old Windows and Apple basin.

# File folders can be organized in libraries. You can get a picture library, for example, that gives you quick access to images in folders and distributed to the hard disk or even a few hard drives, this is great because many applications do not automatically documents in the files of Microsoft and pictures folders, and tend to deposit content in their own folders, but the new system also contributes to the ease of archiving.

# Such as Windows Vista, Windows 7 will ask you twice if you really want to make changes to settings or software to install security. Can Windows 7, but in most cases, the instructions will be excluded.

# Windows 7 could be felt if you use more than one finger on the touch pad or touch screen, which allows tricks such as deployment of clean fingers to enlarge, just like the iPhone. This is not a revolution in itself - producers of computers and rushed multitouch control from previous versions of Windows. But it makes it easier for them to include the expansion of communication, and many of them plan to do so. This is what can really be a revolution in how to use computers. I tried and desktop computers and phones with touch screens, I found it nice to be able to benefit from direct links and buttons, bypassing the touchpad and mouse.

# For many users, the transition to Windows 7 a shift to 64-bit operating system. This means that the use of computers and faced a lot of random access memory, or RAM, for better performance in specific applications, such as video editing. XP and Vista come in 64-bit versions, in addition to the regular 32-bit, but the XP version was not popular, and a copy of Windows Vista is included only in the last year. But the 64-bit will be the standard to install Windows 7 on almost all new computers.

Users of Windows XP can gain a lot by going to Windows 7. Vista made some major advantages such as quick search of the entire hard disk, which, of course, can be found in 7 as well. Unfortunately, upgrading an existing computer from XP to 7 is not easy.

After the expansion, users will need to reinstall all your programs and find the files in the folder where Windows 7 tucks them away.

They may also face problems in hardware. I found an old laser printer, HP no longer works with Windows 7. This is not really an error "Microsoft", or more specifically, there is a problem in the new operating system - HP simply does not provide 64-bit to run this printer. The driver is a program that tells part of the hardware how to work with the operating system.

If you do not upgrade, and I wish that the recommendation is still dealing with the head in transition, on the road to install 64-bit version of Windows 7, which is worth more than that. Microsoft recommends at least two gigabytes of RAM to run it.

If your computer is running Windows Vista, and I think it is difficult to justify the cost of $ 120 for upgrades. New features and beautiful, but we can have-nots. Daily e-mail and surf the Internet, it will not make a lot of things. Vista is the much-maligned, when she appeared in early 2007 to slow, buggy and annoying. Now, this really is not too bad, because the updates and has identified several problems.

However, if you purchased a computer running Windows Vista after June 25, be entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 7 by the manufacturer, and benefit from it. Your computer probably already run 64-bit programs, so there should be any problems with the drivers and the upgrade is much easier than XP one. Windows 7 could you install the programs and files and folders of old.

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