Friday, October 16, 2009

View eUKhost SmarterBundle free

The company claims that a full license SmarterBundle includes easy to use in each of the mail server, most of the statistics, of the line facilities and powerful help desk application, designed to customer service and communication. With the distribution of SmarterBundle, the company has added value to 490.00 pounds from the current proposals provide customers with licenses for SmarterMail, SmarterTrack SmarterStatsat and without any additional cost. SmarterBundle available free of charge to all windows VPS hosting, VPS Hyper-V, Windows semi-dedicated server and Windows servers.

SmarterTrack has all the functionality of the help desk, system, ticket, live chat, WhosOn, cost analysis, data mining, reporting, and knowledge base in a software application, delivered through one elegant Web interface. SmarterStats is a complete web log analysis tool that delivers relevant, accurate and detailed statistics on the Internet. Smartermail feature-rich Windows Mail Server, which provides 98% antispam, antivirus and strong, detailed reports and events / notifications, throttling, email archiving, intrusion detection / prevention, and advanced synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and other mobile devices.

Ryan Watson, director of business development at eUKhost, "We're excited to work with SmarterTools company SmarterBundle and educate our customers. SmarterBundle C, and give customers access to a full-featured professional editions SmarterTools software, including the joint between the mail server and feature-rich application for customer service and analysis Comprehensive Web package. and we will provide full support to our customers associated with the installation, configuration and maintenance of SmarterBundle arts. "

SmarterTools Inc., developer of SmarterMail, SmarterStats and SmarterTicket, and creates programs that help businesses communicate, measure, and support operations in all parts of the world.

eUKhost offers a comprehensive range of the latest solutions on the Internet including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers, semi-dedicated servers, Hyper-V VPS, dedicated servers, and decisions of the foreign reserves.

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