Friday, October 16, 2009

Web servers: Applications and weaknesses

Web server for TechRepublic: Applications and weaknesses, you can find information from TechRepublic members for, and revealed how the deployment of Web servers, and surveying to respond to security threats, accompanied by the planning and conduct tests to ensure the reliability of a web server, and to maintain an acceptable level of performance web server . You must also know the trends in the field of migration platform web server, see how it stacks Organization in terms of information technology staff responsible for managing the Internet, and address other important issues that affect you and your company at the present time in the future.

Whether the company was already struggling with these problems, or you're just starting to develop a web presence, this report TechRepublic research specialists will help you understand important trends webhosting, and see how others in the information technology community and to address the problems that arise website of the continued attacks, and the need to maintain and improve the performance of a Web server.
This is available for download for free as part of a TechRepublic Pro membership.

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