Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Center for the involvement of civil society in the process of preparing for the match

The newly established Center for Citizen Participation will begin during the first year with one of the open houses on Thursday, and the conference in collaboration with the Interfaith Youth Core.

Henman Center Ave 1813, and provide the resources necessary for students to start their own service, and find internships and interact with the society around them, "said Rob Donahue, assistant director of the Center.

"We want to encourage people to be more careful about their involvement and responsibilities in society," he said.

Open House Thursday, will be attended by representatives from the Center proved to be the availability of resources, including citizenship courses, internships, and employment services and public services, programs, he said.

Christian Cragwall, communication, and civic participation, and a fellow at the Center, this event aims to introduce students to the offices and new services can be found there.

"I hope that students get in the door return to the center for the development of their projects," she said.

Center is designed to service student projects meaningful and rational, "said the director of the Center Dan Lewis, who is also a professor of SESP.

North-west of faculty and students and cooperation to establish a center to take the college is now more suited to serve the public, "said Lewis.

Center has started its first project at the end of this week, an international conference on "Leadership for the world religiously diverse, which co-host of the Interfaith Youth Core.

According to the Web site for this event, the conference, which takes place from Sunday to Tuesday, and will meet religious leaders and academics, media and young people to a series of workshops and talks.

Donahue said he saw the conference as a tool for "dealing with problems related to daily life."

Center is not religion, but this conference will provide a comfortable place for those discussions, he said.

"Faith may be formed to do service work," said Donahue. "The service works that could be the experience of your education. There is interaction with each other, and we hope to give students a better framework for this is the place where the intersection between faith and service and training.

Margy LaFreniere, Weinberg, and a senior associate at the Center for Civic Participation, said the conference will be an opportunity for students on campus to see how they are involved in service may refer to religiously diverse world.

On Sunday evening, and will review Jim Wallis, an evangelical Christian author, Dr. Eboo Patel, an Islamic scholar, offers a vision of cooperation among religions to find the address.
Lewis said the conference will provide a platform for people to ask questions of religion and its relationship with service providers.

"And help young people from different religious backgrounds to learn how to work in a diverse society of tolerance and respect for the views of others," said Lewis.

The participants said at the happy to work with the University President Morton O. Shapiro.

"We may not be better to choose a president if you are interested in civic participation by Morton Shapiro," said Lewis. "We really think it is very good for the president and could help North Korea to be more diverse and community participation-oriented university."

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