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Night Owl: East Bay cities, The concept of corridor Arts and

In the spirit of the East Bay Green Corridor, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville and Richmond are united in their efforts to build cultural identity, ranging from a website dedicated to making cities' art scene more visible.

Eight years and $ 74,000 in the making of "East Bay Cultural Corridor" effort begins Monday night with a series of events on the first Friday in four cities, as well as offers many other gallery and cabaret.

But do not expect traffic lights along the corridor, as the project is right now is almost entirely conceptual. What is significant is only in the area of electronic commerce, in

Even these ceremonies are in fact mark the one version of the East Bay ( "Comprehensive Guide to the Arts in San Francisco"), and wishful thinking that the regional cultural identity will become a reality profitable.

Moreover 510Arts portal, any hint of a specific project or funds derived for all the arts organizations.

I do not want to blow up a part of things here and download a new idea before it gets on the ground.

نعم ، هناك أكثر مباشرة وسيلة لمساعدة الفنانين ، ولكن موقع ويب واحد. But this is not what is on the path of culture. This concept is that the market. Artists will directly benefit only if used Marketing organizations.Supporters cultural corridor use polite phrases such as "umbrella brand integrity, and a catalyst to revive the economy, which used the East Bay arts scene, which boasts one of the highest percentages of the population of the art in the nation.

The organizers want to capture these numbers, and make this kind of influence it enjoyed in San Francisco when it comes to fame and attract financiers.

"There are a lot of art going on in the eastern Gulf, both in San Francisco," said John Killacky, arts and culture program officer in the San Francisco Foundation, which is coordinating the project.

But there are still people relations with the East Bay much like in the days when the world is something new to Europeans, who maps huge distances in terms of continents such as North America and South America, Africa, and it should be.

"We are not trying to sink the identity of the cities. We want to try together to benefit from them," said Diane Scott of East Bay Community Foundation and the original driving force behind the idea of cultural corridors.

In this case, any win. Maybe.

In four cities as an opportunity to market to cool is based on the artistic scene which serves more of the municipalities that contributed.

In fact, this night, all the events is the center of the city related projects. Auckland, for example, is the gracious invitation of the arts community in the city of Auckland Art Gallery, 150 Frank Ogawa Plaza, 5:30 to 7:30 to preview Web site and planned "Luminous Oakland" art installation and public media.

Berkeley gives a tour of the civic center to view the work of artists town "in the language there during the weekdays and Romer] [Bearden mural done in the old City Council chambers accessible to the public - by appointment. Richmond offers tours of the city center, and a set of" Home Front " festival Saturday. Emeryville is in fact a gallery for artists, despite the fact that time is just a coincidence.

Both artists - "the various technical communities," which is to create cool art scenes - actually benefit remains to be seen.

Sanchez said that the project is the continuation of the current program to help artists become more successful. "This is not only one piece," she said.

Moreover 510Arts site plans, the gate of the future, including for the general art-led coalition bike and Arts Advisory Committee, composed of four artists from each city will take the next steps in the corridor, so to speak.

The Advisory Committee is vital to make the project work of the artists, not only to the coffers of the city. Of course, to coordinate such a variety of artists must be like herding cats, the Commission raises the question of who gets and how the eye. We are talking about the Commission on the Arts, and not in the Middle East peace process.

However, the culture of the corridor can be included such as hollow sites of cities, and the Internet, and another is a good idea because the meaning of the first Friday in the plan of the city of Auckland shuttles that have been raised tonight.

The shuttle will continue from 10 to 7:30 am along Broadway from Uptown pm by old Frank Ogawa Plaza Auckland.

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