Thursday, October 1, 2009

In addition to 25%. I Easyspace Domain Names

Easyspace, one of the leading suppliers to the United Kingdom for domain name registration and hosting and we are pleased to announce a special offer and more popular. Domain name suffix. For a limited time, and will be displayed on the customer 25% discount for all. Me domain names registered through the site, which makes them only 12 pounds each.

. I was in the country code top-level domain names of Montenegro. It entrusted to the nation since independence from Serbia in June 2006 the Government decided to propose to the public domain they host and capitalism in its appeal to companies all over the world. July 2008 is available at the international level and has become one of the most popular and popular top level domain (top level domains).

Domainers rushed to loot the most attractive and memorable names such as and marketing potential. So far, more than 250,000. Me domains registered, making it more popular than the country code top level domain.

These purchases. Easyspace areas readily available to me through the Control Panel where they can manage their portfolios with many useful features, an administrator, including the control of multicasting, the name server control and routing on the Internet. Users can choose to record whois privacy, which would guarantee not to disclose his full name for your domain for more than 5 pounds.

Easyspace is the Glasgow-based company is the market leader for domain name registration since its inception in 1997. Part of a group iomart, the company offers many additional services including dedicated servers, virtual servers, e-mail and shared hosting services.

A spokesman for Easyspace. Suggests area, saying:

. Me is a great investment fields for any business. Forget what is a link is priceless, a great way to market your company to stand out from others. In addition, statistics show that these areas are quickly indexed by search engines such as Google, which makes it an attractive for those looking to manage large amounts of traffic to your site. "


"These areas are much sought after, so we recommend interested parties to register and choose the fields as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and take advantage of this great offer."

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