Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Center for the involvement of civil society in the process of preparing for the match

The newly established Center for Citizen Participation will begin during the first year with one of the open houses on Thursday, and the conference in collaboration with the Interfaith Youth Core.

Henman Center Ave 1813, and provide the resources necessary for students to start their own service, and find internships and interact with the society around them, "said Rob Donahue, assistant director of the Center.

"We want to encourage people to be more careful about their involvement and responsibilities in society," he said.

Open House Thursday, will be attended by representatives from the Center proved to be the availability of resources, including citizenship courses, internships, and employment services and public services, programs, he said.

Christian Cragwall, communication, and civic participation, and a fellow at the Center, this event aims to introduce students to the offices and new services can be found there.

"I hope that students get in the door return to the center for the development of their projects," she said.

Center is designed to service student projects meaningful and rational, "said the director of the Center Dan Lewis, who is also a professor of SESP.

North-west of faculty and students and cooperation to establish a center to take the college is now more suited to serve the public, "said Lewis.

Center has started its first project at the end of this week, an international conference on "Leadership for the world religiously diverse, which co-host of the Interfaith Youth Core.

According to the Web site for this event, the conference, which takes place from Sunday to Tuesday, and will meet religious leaders and academics, media and young people to a series of workshops and talks.

Donahue said he saw the conference as a tool for "dealing with problems related to daily life."

Center is not religion, but this conference will provide a comfortable place for those discussions, he said.

"Faith may be formed to do service work," said Donahue. "The service works that could be the experience of your education. There is interaction with each other, and we hope to give students a better framework for this is the place where the intersection between faith and service and training.

Margy LaFreniere, Weinberg, and a senior associate at the Center for Civic Participation, said the conference will be an opportunity for students on campus to see how they are involved in service may refer to religiously diverse world.

On Sunday evening, and will review Jim Wallis, an evangelical Christian author, Dr. Eboo Patel, an Islamic scholar, offers a vision of cooperation among religions to find the address.
Lewis said the conference will provide a platform for people to ask questions of religion and its relationship with service providers.

"And help young people from different religious backgrounds to learn how to work in a diverse society of tolerance and respect for the views of others," said Lewis.

The participants said at the happy to work with the University President Morton O. Shapiro.

"We may not be better to choose a president if you are interested in civic participation by Morton Shapiro," said Lewis. "We really think it is very good for the president and could help North Korea to be more diverse and community participation-oriented university."

Microsoft launches Windows 7

"Microsoft" (NSDQ: reporter) on Thursday officially announced Windows 7, the latest in a long series of computer operating systems, which aims to bridge the gap between man and machine, personal computers. Windows 7 promises and user-friendly interface, support for touch screen, and security features which, while strong, does not conflict with the celebration of International Day for the consumer today interactions with their computers, and claims the software industry.

Retailers girded for the first time for the new operating system - the first to introduce the Redmond, Windows Vista in January 2007.

Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) presentations free of Windows 7 computer until merchant Web Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) has promised to deliver the product to "launch day" for a nominal fee. In the step leading to the potential popularity, and Windows 7 pre-sales have been the highest seller in the category of programs from Amazon early on Thursday.

In the operating system is available in 32-bit and 64-bit releases preliminary sales of both were fine. Microsoft will host a Web site called Windows 7 Compatibility Center, that the lists of third-party hardware and software products that are certified as compliant with Windows 7.

Microsoft Windows 7 to be the Company's total software sales experience sharp declines in recent quarters. Windows and sales fell 13 percent in the last fiscal year, Redmond.

Control of the users and driven by the fact that Windows Vista has been found lacking many of the critics. Colic in the special needs your horsepower, and lack of compatibility with legacy systems, and perpetrators of security measures.

Microsoft Windows claims the main problems that have been identified with Windows 7, which says it is more convenient for users to his predecessor, Vista. Microsoft has also introduced new tools designed to ensure that customers can run Windows 7 on their PCs, laptops and mobile devices.

The full version of Windows 7 Professional is $ 299, with improvements being $ 199. Windows 7 ultimate price of $ 319 million with an upgrade version of $ 219. The full version of Windows 7 Home Premium at $ 199, with upgrade from Windows Vista or XP costs $ 119.

Synology launches new site in North America, and expands the resources customer support and product markets in the United States

Synology ® America SA, today announced the official launch of it's North America website, featuring updated information about this product, and how leadership, and regional case studies and solutions, based in the United States and other product support. Synology ® Inc., a leading global provider of network-attached storage devices offers a wide range of Synology Disk Stations that exceed the backup for home users and small and medium enterprises.

Redmond, WA (Vocus / PRWEB) October 21, 2009 - Synology ® America SA, today announced the official launch of it's North America website, featuring updated information about this product, and how leadership and regional situations, and decisions, based United States product support and others. Synology ® Inc., a leading global provider of network-attached storage devices offers a wide range of Synology Disk Stations that exceed the backup for home users and small and medium enterprises. "This is just another step in achieving our clients on a regional basis the resources and support," says Heather Morford, Director of Marketing - North America. "Now we can offer our clients the compiled relevant information on products, resources and tools that help with what to buy and take advantage of the existing stations Synology Disk. We felt that in the North America regional site is indispensable in the United States of American and Canadian fans," said Morford.

With the growing buzz around the Synology products in North America, and the new regional website is an extension of the strong support Synology client who is well known. Synology at the home of the customer support team is located in Redmond, Washington, provides users with an opportunity to talk with product specialists, who know the storage and use of the network from home and abroad visit at any time during the period from November 1 Synology Sign up to receive e-newsletters, press releases or distributor, SG, and will be automatically in the draw to win a new Synology DiskStation DS109j

Synology DiskStation comes with an exclusive interview each disk station manager 2.2, including the acclaimed features such as automatic backups, notification e-mail, and after the exchange of files, RAID and the declarations of support, monitoring, streaming media, hosting e-mail server capabilities. Best of all it is built on the open source Linux with an easy to use wizards and intuitive interface, such as the preparation and maintenance a breeze.

Synology DiskStations different units of the Gulf of many clients of the housing units and its annexes Bay expansion for small and medium enterprises. With the results of a quick and reasonable price, were awarded Synology Disk Stations resolution file maintenance requirements and conservation.

Synology DiskStations available through retailers, distributors and retailers on the Internet. For a complete list of locations in North America, visit

Friday, October 16, 2009

7th Heaven - the new operating system and Windows, Vista

Next week, Microsoft released Windows 7, smooth, much better than the system of work that should go a long way to remove the bad impression left by the previous efforts, Vista.

If you've been holding off from buying a new computer, and Windows 7 will be a good excuse to get back in the game. If the distance on the Mac over a Windows PC, you should know that Windows 7 will make it more attractive, although it is not clear cut choice of all. Windows is now easier to use and better looking than ever before, while maintaining the basic advantage of the cheaper and more versatile devices.Should, however, that most computer users do not accept the release of Windows 7 as a call to action, or believe that they should run out and buy software for computer use, they are planning to save the peace. In the upgrade is likely to not be worth the time and money, not to mention the efforts to host a Windows 7 'Launch Party ", as suggested by Microsoft.

Windows 7 will come in several versions. Aims only to consumers in the United States is the Home Premium, which cost $ 120, if bought as an upgrade to XP or Vista. You can buy it download or CD-ROM. Home next Thursday, will be installed as they come on new PCs.

Here are some of the highlights:

# Taskbar - taskbar icons usually found at the bottom of the screen - now appears more of the programs that are executed. You can also stick figures of your favorite programs to be launched quickly. It's quick and convenient, which combines the best features of the tape with the old Windows and Apple basin.

# File folders can be organized in libraries. You can get a picture library, for example, that gives you quick access to images in folders and distributed to the hard disk or even a few hard drives, this is great because many applications do not automatically documents in the files of Microsoft and pictures folders, and tend to deposit content in their own folders, but the new system also contributes to the ease of archiving.

# Such as Windows Vista, Windows 7 will ask you twice if you really want to make changes to settings or software to install security. Can Windows 7, but in most cases, the instructions will be excluded.

# Windows 7 could be felt if you use more than one finger on the touch pad or touch screen, which allows tricks such as deployment of clean fingers to enlarge, just like the iPhone. This is not a revolution in itself - producers of computers and rushed multitouch control from previous versions of Windows. But it makes it easier for them to include the expansion of communication, and many of them plan to do so. This is what can really be a revolution in how to use computers. I tried and desktop computers and phones with touch screens, I found it nice to be able to benefit from direct links and buttons, bypassing the touchpad and mouse.

# For many users, the transition to Windows 7 a shift to 64-bit operating system. This means that the use of computers and faced a lot of random access memory, or RAM, for better performance in specific applications, such as video editing. XP and Vista come in 64-bit versions, in addition to the regular 32-bit, but the XP version was not popular, and a copy of Windows Vista is included only in the last year. But the 64-bit will be the standard to install Windows 7 on almost all new computers.

Users of Windows XP can gain a lot by going to Windows 7. Vista made some major advantages such as quick search of the entire hard disk, which, of course, can be found in 7 as well. Unfortunately, upgrading an existing computer from XP to 7 is not easy.

After the expansion, users will need to reinstall all your programs and find the files in the folder where Windows 7 tucks them away.

They may also face problems in hardware. I found an old laser printer, HP no longer works with Windows 7. This is not really an error "Microsoft", or more specifically, there is a problem in the new operating system - HP simply does not provide 64-bit to run this printer. The driver is a program that tells part of the hardware how to work with the operating system.

If you do not upgrade, and I wish that the recommendation is still dealing with the head in transition, on the road to install 64-bit version of Windows 7, which is worth more than that. Microsoft recommends at least two gigabytes of RAM to run it.

If your computer is running Windows Vista, and I think it is difficult to justify the cost of $ 120 for upgrades. New features and beautiful, but we can have-nots. Daily e-mail and surf the Internet, it will not make a lot of things. Vista is the much-maligned, when she appeared in early 2007 to slow, buggy and annoying. Now, this really is not too bad, because the updates and has identified several problems.

However, if you purchased a computer running Windows Vista after June 25, be entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 7 by the manufacturer, and benefit from it. Your computer probably already run 64-bit programs, so there should be any problems with the drivers and the upgrade is much easier than XP one. Windows 7 could you install the programs and files and folders of old.

How hosting industry is to embrace the cloud

Review of strategy by Microsoft, and programs for Web hosting companies, OEM manufacturers and sister doom and gloom assailing / SaaS ISVs. ATM in the conference and exhibition, and Hamid Mohamed will discuss how the Dynamic Data Center tools Microsoft is to enable the IT infrastructure virtual and hosted cloud computing.

4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo is located on the 7th International Conference and Exhibition will be held for the default in November 2-4, 2009 Convention Center in Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA.During this session, industry director, Microsoft will turn to how the original equipment manufacturing industry , and his sister ISVs enable flexible and scalable IT infrastructure immediately, which covers private and public clouds, and clouds. Case studies will be shared.

For the post of President
Mohammed Hamid is director of industry at Microsoft. He is responsible for strategy and solutions to cloud hosting and managed services. Microsoft Managed Services by the data center and disaster recovery, and centralized services, as well as decisions on her Verizon. Previously, Intel's wireless communications and digital home market groups. Is co-founder of the startup company, selling software, and Linux-based operations / business support systems (OSS / satellite) software platform for the telecommunications industry. He also worked at Sun Microsystems, "Wizards engineering division.

4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo
Of the 4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, November 2-4, 2009, held in Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California, more than 1500 delegates will understand how cloud computing is changing the way in which businesses everywhere to build and applications of GPS. Now held three times a year - in New York, Prague, and Santa Clara - Cloud Computing Conference & Expo series of projects is the fastest growing IT event dedicated to all aspects of the project are to provide comprehensive information technology service. Event is located on the 7th International Conference and Exhibition default to us.

View eUKhost SmarterBundle free

The company claims that a full license SmarterBundle includes easy to use in each of the mail server, most of the statistics, of the line facilities and powerful help desk application, designed to customer service and communication. With the distribution of SmarterBundle, the company has added value to 490.00 pounds from the current proposals provide customers with licenses for SmarterMail, SmarterTrack SmarterStatsat and without any additional cost. SmarterBundle available free of charge to all windows VPS hosting, VPS Hyper-V, Windows semi-dedicated server and Windows servers.

SmarterTrack has all the functionality of the help desk, system, ticket, live chat, WhosOn, cost analysis, data mining, reporting, and knowledge base in a software application, delivered through one elegant Web interface. SmarterStats is a complete web log analysis tool that delivers relevant, accurate and detailed statistics on the Internet. Smartermail feature-rich Windows Mail Server, which provides 98% antispam, antivirus and strong, detailed reports and events / notifications, throttling, email archiving, intrusion detection / prevention, and advanced synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and other mobile devices.

Ryan Watson, director of business development at eUKhost, "We're excited to work with SmarterTools company SmarterBundle and educate our customers. SmarterBundle C, and give customers access to a full-featured professional editions SmarterTools software, including the joint between the mail server and feature-rich application for customer service and analysis Comprehensive Web package. and we will provide full support to our customers associated with the installation, configuration and maintenance of SmarterBundle arts. "

SmarterTools Inc., developer of SmarterMail, SmarterStats and SmarterTicket, and creates programs that help businesses communicate, measure, and support operations in all parts of the world.

eUKhost offers a comprehensive range of the latest solutions on the Internet including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers, semi-dedicated servers, Hyper-V VPS, dedicated servers, and decisions of the foreign reserves.

Web servers: Applications and weaknesses

Web server for TechRepublic: Applications and weaknesses, you can find information from TechRepublic members for, and revealed how the deployment of Web servers, and surveying to respond to security threats, accompanied by the planning and conduct tests to ensure the reliability of a web server, and to maintain an acceptable level of performance web server . You must also know the trends in the field of migration platform web server, see how it stacks Organization in terms of information technology staff responsible for managing the Internet, and address other important issues that affect you and your company at the present time in the future.

Whether the company was already struggling with these problems, or you're just starting to develop a web presence, this report TechRepublic research specialists will help you understand important trends webhosting, and see how others in the information technology community and to address the problems that arise website of the continued attacks, and the need to maintain and improve the performance of a Web server.
This is available for download for free as part of a TechRepublic Pro membership.

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In addition to 25%. I Easyspace Domain Names

Easyspace, one of the leading suppliers to the United Kingdom for domain name registration and hosting and we are pleased to announce a special offer and more popular. Domain name suffix. For a limited time, and will be displayed on the customer 25% discount for all. Me domain names registered through the site, which makes them only 12 pounds each.

. I was in the country code top-level domain names of Montenegro. It entrusted to the nation since independence from Serbia in June 2006 the Government decided to propose to the public domain they host and capitalism in its appeal to companies all over the world. July 2008 is available at the international level and has become one of the most popular and popular top level domain (top level domains).

Domainers rushed to loot the most attractive and memorable names such as and marketing potential. So far, more than 250,000. Me domains registered, making it more popular than the country code top level domain.

These purchases. Easyspace areas readily available to me through the Control Panel where they can manage their portfolios with many useful features, an administrator, including the control of multicasting, the name server control and routing on the Internet. Users can choose to record whois privacy, which would guarantee not to disclose his full name for your domain for more than 5 pounds.

Easyspace is the Glasgow-based company is the market leader for domain name registration since its inception in 1997. Part of a group iomart, the company offers many additional services including dedicated servers, virtual servers, e-mail and shared hosting services.

A spokesman for Easyspace. Suggests area, saying:

. Me is a great investment fields for any business. Forget what is a link is priceless, a great way to market your company to stand out from others. In addition, statistics show that these areas are quickly indexed by search engines such as Google, which makes it an attractive for those looking to manage large amounts of traffic to your site. "


"These areas are much sought after, so we recommend interested parties to register and choose the fields as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and take advantage of this great offer."

The White House is hostile attitude against the Fox commentators, and individual Glenn Beck

I do not like Truman prevented journalists from approaching the presidential yacht. Franklin D. Roosevelt in place of earshot of press critics in the back of the room during the press conferences for the presidency.

No, this minute in the White House, Barack Obama. The White House said blog posting this week rejected claims from Fox News, frankly: "lies". We do not expect an apology to the owner Rupert Murdoch's network.

The aim of the White House was Glenn Beck, conservative Fox News, who regularly pokes at the White House with the provocative comment. But the cable network and the White House not only through the means of part Beck. Fox News reported that the White House with regard with suspicion and even contempt is an understatement. And Fox News' Chris Wallace in the White House recently called "the biggest block Crybabies," since Obama all the major networks, with the exception of interviews on the Fox News talk shows Sunday.

This is what shows the relationship combustible and heat-partisan political television cable must remain in step with the spread of the virus from the information at lightning speed. Aggressive in the White House response to the bed has also pledged to achieve a new civility in politics.

A Blog after the game on Wednesday at the White House by Jesse Lee, Director of Programs on the Internet from the White House disputes Beck criticized for the Olympic Games Obama-seeking trip to Copenhagen under the title: "Reality check: I'm trying to become a point of pride in a moment of shame.

This is referred to Beck by mistake in referring to the losses incurred by the Vancouver hosting the Olympic Games. Vancouver will host the Olympic Games until 2010, and again to tell the Calgary Olympics. But the blog entry does not meet the basic point - that could be the Olympic Games economically draining the host city.

Blog and also refuted the proposal by the guest Beck that Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett was involved in a telephone call to the controversy in August trying to recruit artists to create works that promote the policies of President Barack Obama. The White House pointed out that Garrett did not participate in the conversation. He did note that one of his aides did not.

At the end of his post, gave me a link to PolitiFact, a Pulitzer Prize winner and one exposed site on the internet that claims that the political director for the White House, Patrick Gaspard associated nut, and community organizing group now under government control.

"For more of the lies Fox" blog, says: "See the latest reality SM PolitiFact function exposes the false claims that an employee at the White House, which is still repeated by Glenn Beck and others in the network.

Under Fox refers to the Associated Press for his comments Beck, Wednesday and Thursday shows. On Wednesday, Beck recent criticism on Jarrett, although he did not repeat the allegations denied by the White House. On Thursday, he acknowledged his mistake for the Olympic Games to Vancouver. Thus, the persons included in the financial challenges that the preparations for the Games.

The White House is aware that news organizations to pay greater attention to the Fox TV network, and afternoon talk show host, led by the legitimate stories, such as a former administration official and Obama, the Jones scandal over the nut.

Obama aides say the sharp tuna blog is just a continuation of the efforts of the White House to act quickly and forthrightly to the unfounded allegations of health-care plan the President. Noted that Obama often says that the war on gangs, defuse conflict in Washington, does not mean it will turn the other cheek.

"The president said in his speech to Congress that he had the situation of those who recorded incorrectly, which includes ideological news sites like Fox News and the various commentators," said Dan Pfeiffer, deputy communications director at the White House.

"In this day and age," Pfeiffer added that "any lie that the President met for, no matter how ridiculous fee or question the source."

Certainly, the President has had tense relations with the press after the founding of the Republic. Truman could not hide their disdain for the Chicago Tribune, and then there was Richard Nixon, who took him to the press to ignore the unmatched levels of journalists, including his own "enemies list."

But network news calls the allegations as "lies" is the face of extraordinary - and calculated.

"The degree of resistance - Calling something a lie - it is interesting," said Stephen Hess, a great honor at the Brookings Institution, who was a consultant and adviser to Presidents Dwight Eisenhower, emotional rhetoric. "During the President lose cool, but most often than not regret it."

Tad Devine, Democratic strategist who has worked in several presidential campaigns, indicating that the Internet is a freewheeling way that the fans and rude, sharp wit. But commonly used tactic in a political campaign, is harvested once the best candidate is back in the office.

"When I was in the government, contrary to the campaign, a different perch, you must be careful about what you say when you are in an official capacity," said Devin.

Pfeiffer careful not to read too much in the use of the word "lies", and not to the back of its meaning.

"We will use it when there is a deliberately dishonest statement," he said. "I do not think there is any doubt that what was there before, just use the word".

Night Owl: East Bay cities, The concept of corridor Arts and

In the spirit of the East Bay Green Corridor, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville and Richmond are united in their efforts to build cultural identity, ranging from a website dedicated to making cities' art scene more visible.

Eight years and $ 74,000 in the making of "East Bay Cultural Corridor" effort begins Monday night with a series of events on the first Friday in four cities, as well as offers many other gallery and cabaret.

But do not expect traffic lights along the corridor, as the project is right now is almost entirely conceptual. What is significant is only in the area of electronic commerce, in

Even these ceremonies are in fact mark the one version of the East Bay ( "Comprehensive Guide to the Arts in San Francisco"), and wishful thinking that the regional cultural identity will become a reality profitable.

Moreover 510Arts portal, any hint of a specific project or funds derived for all the arts organizations.

I do not want to blow up a part of things here and download a new idea before it gets on the ground.

نعم ، هناك أكثر مباشرة وسيلة لمساعدة الفنانين ، ولكن موقع ويب واحد. But this is not what is on the path of culture. This concept is that the market. Artists will directly benefit only if used Marketing organizations.Supporters cultural corridor use polite phrases such as "umbrella brand integrity, and a catalyst to revive the economy, which used the East Bay arts scene, which boasts one of the highest percentages of the population of the art in the nation.

The organizers want to capture these numbers, and make this kind of influence it enjoyed in San Francisco when it comes to fame and attract financiers.

"There are a lot of art going on in the eastern Gulf, both in San Francisco," said John Killacky, arts and culture program officer in the San Francisco Foundation, which is coordinating the project.

But there are still people relations with the East Bay much like in the days when the world is something new to Europeans, who maps huge distances in terms of continents such as North America and South America, Africa, and it should be.

"We are not trying to sink the identity of the cities. We want to try together to benefit from them," said Diane Scott of East Bay Community Foundation and the original driving force behind the idea of cultural corridors.

In this case, any win. Maybe.

In four cities as an opportunity to market to cool is based on the artistic scene which serves more of the municipalities that contributed.

In fact, this night, all the events is the center of the city related projects. Auckland, for example, is the gracious invitation of the arts community in the city of Auckland Art Gallery, 150 Frank Ogawa Plaza, 5:30 to 7:30 to preview Web site and planned "Luminous Oakland" art installation and public media.

Berkeley gives a tour of the civic center to view the work of artists town "in the language there during the weekdays and Romer] [Bearden mural done in the old City Council chambers accessible to the public - by appointment. Richmond offers tours of the city center, and a set of" Home Front " festival Saturday. Emeryville is in fact a gallery for artists, despite the fact that time is just a coincidence.

Both artists - "the various technical communities," which is to create cool art scenes - actually benefit remains to be seen.

Sanchez said that the project is the continuation of the current program to help artists become more successful. "This is not only one piece," she said.

Moreover 510Arts site plans, the gate of the future, including for the general art-led coalition bike and Arts Advisory Committee, composed of four artists from each city will take the next steps in the corridor, so to speak.

The Advisory Committee is vital to make the project work of the artists, not only to the coffers of the city. Of course, to coordinate such a variety of artists must be like herding cats, the Commission raises the question of who gets and how the eye. We are talking about the Commission on the Arts, and not in the Middle East peace process.

However, the culture of the corridor can be included such as hollow sites of cities, and the Internet, and another is a good idea because the meaning of the first Friday in the plan of the city of Auckland shuttles that have been raised tonight.

The shuttle will continue from 10 to 7:30 am along Broadway from Uptown pm by old Frank Ogawa Plaza Auckland.

Online bingo promotions for October 2, 2009

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Ruby Bingo
2500 £ victory of the vouchers Ruby Bingo from today until November 15. Ruby Bingo a total prize fund of £ 2500, which is composed of:

* £ 1000 High Street Vouchers
* Meal vouchers £ 500
* £ 250 Amazon vouchers
* £ 250 voucher for drinks
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* £ 250 gift token Theater

Won awards until the second 100BBs pounds for 10BBs to place 10th. £ 10 for all you spend on bingo cards, and Ruby Bingo will give you one enter the lottery. You'll also be able to earn additional entries by playing bingo in a form holiday gift Birth Cloud Nine (no need to load now, even those who buy in advance).

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Sky Bingo

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Virgin Bingo

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Handicapping the 2016 Olympic Bids

International Olympic Committee will begin hearing presentations from four cities vying to host the Summer Olympics in 2016 on Friday at 8:50 pm in Copenhagen (2:50 pm EST). City will make every 45 minutes to view the members of the International Olympic Committee, with another 15 minutes for questions and answers. Chicago, which has the support of President Barack Obama will present its case first. Needless to Tokyo, followed by Rio de Janeiro and Madrid.Here is an overview of the four host the Olympic Games - marked packages to the host committee - that members of the International Olympic Committee will choose on Friday. Communications is expected around 6:30 am in Copenhagen, 12:30 am Eastern.

Under the slogan: "Let friendship's Shoes

Highlights: the shore of Lake Michigan and the old parks will provide a natural environment, with the exciting prospect of the city as the background. Many sites in or near the city center, within walking distance from the city center. Obama, who lives in Chicago for a long time, is a high-level supporter of the attempt. Granting Park, site of the presidential acceptance speech will be the main gathering place.

How compact is the plan? Eighty-five percent of the races will be within five miles from the city center. Lake in the Olympic Village will carry 90% of the athletes in 15 minutes - ride on competitors sites.

Major sites: the five new facilities will be built, including at the Olympic Stadium in Athens with high-coating technology that would double as a giant screen projection.

Dates: July 22, and August (7); Olympics held 17-28 أغسطس


Under the slogan: "Games with a human touch."

Madrid is a strong competition to host the Olympic Games in 2012. In 2016, and enthusiasts of the officials try to call this Olympic event. The event will take place in two main areas: The main area that will include the Olympic Stadium and the river, which is part of the river, which will be reclaimed for public use. Madrid is the time and promote a culture as a point of sale, together with the technical aspects of the presentation of its plan.

How compact is the plan? Eighty-five percent of the seats will be within 6.2 miles from the city center, will be 70% within 15 minutes drive from the Olympic Village.

Key points: The Olympic Stadium is already part of it. Madrid runway, which was built in 1994, will serve as the stadium after renovation.

Dates: 5-21 August; Paralympic Games held in September. 9-20
Rio de Janeiro

Under the slogan: "Live your passion"

Highlights: How to host the Olympic Games in South America, and the city is to enhance the natural beauty, but also its ability to host major sporting events. Pan-American Games in 2007 The there, but more importantly will be the 2014 World Cup organizers say the World Cup to ensure that infrastructure projects and improvements will be ready in 2016.

How compact is the plan? Athletes will be able to access to nearly half of competition sites in less than 10 minutes, and 73 per cent of them aged under 25 minutes.

Key points: that some settings will not unmistakably Brazilian. It will be played beach volleyball on Copacabana Beach. In the sport of rowing and canoeing / kayaking will be the famous statue of Christ the Savior.

Dates: 5-21 August; Paralympic Games held in September. 7-18

Under the slogan: "Games in the heart of urban life"

Highlights: tightly knit groups, many of the sites that will be deployed in the middle, with a focus on rebuilding the coast of Tokyo Bay. Olympic Village will be on the water. The city boasts one of the most effective means of public transport in the world. Last June, the first place in the technical evaluation of the International Olympic Committee. Try the official site has a review of this excellent offer.

How compact is the plan? Ninety-seven percent of the seats will be within five miles of the ring around the city, and will be 70% within 10 minutes from the Olympic Village.

Key places: several sites in the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 will be re-used, with an emphasis on the connection between past and future Olympic and legacy important to the IOC and the Olympic Stadium, the waterfront which will be held on a piece of reclaimed from the coastline of Tokyo Bay.