Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who wants to be in the region Millionaire

And - the businessman is determined to make millions from the sale of unwanted highli domain name on the Internet.
Irish, Brendan O'Shea, director of business development in Abu Dhabi for Management Consultants, has offered de 4 million from Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates based on this domain name on the Internet, which I have recorded in early 2007 to promote the event at the whips and capital .
O'Shea says: "I was right I was surprised when I discovered I like the king of this honey, however, the web address. How well you're lucky at the right time to buy such as generic name, but I did not fully understand the value of sales. Of course, I'm happy to get the offer of the DVD 4 million, but the reality of my experience in business has taught me never to jump in the first proposal.
"The importance of a whip is evident in the Gulf region and it is in reflekted value of number plates, and premiums exclusive addresses and mobile numbers and even blakkberri pin numbers, so it makes sense that the Internet could be possible if the farm gold mine owned and developed by the right man ".
This year's field network reportedly sold to the India - based technology company, Ozone Group, for 6 million dirhams, and that the questions already raised a huge betting Sams paid to exclusive ranges, with the areas of storage speculators bent on sale for the future use - a practice known as 'Seeber - Some of the demonstrators'.
But Oshea The good fortune happened by chance and not design. "I registered in the area in 150 with the intention to proceed to whip the event in Abu Dhabi, but shortly after began to get victims to buy, of course, has become an attractive inkreasingli such as increasing the numbers.
"The right of generic domain name can be worth much if one of the assessed commercial value of such housing in the field. I have great confidence in the passion for the position of Vice President in the event if the regional economy and address the field can not be repeated or matched by anyone.
"Registration of domain names I am not in the business, but I am certainly happy to sell advertising last seems to have aroused interest for domain names of value."
Achaia and explained that he is still a victim of entertainment. "I set the field about 18 months, and only now, with people talking about themselves, and approaching the people with me the victim in the millions for the post of vice president. And. I will continue my plans for the post of Vice President in the event of networking, but do not have to come with a new field of the project, and another person will soon be the proud owner and can say that most exclusive area on the Internet and e-mail address in the Gulf region. "

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