Thursday, September 10, 2009

Enkompass presents cPanel Web Hosting Control Panel

CPanel sample for RC0 Enkompass first time, HostingCon 2009, in Washington, DC Enkompass is the next generation web hosting control panel cPanel built for Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

In development for over a year, Enkompass is the latest addition to the package of growth cPanel web hosting control panel and automation solutions that have focused exclusively on Linux and FreeBSD based servers. Enkompass interface mirrors that of cPanel and WHM What full version for Linux users quickly understand products with minimal training. Enkompass a server and install llS7 attention on achieving more web, mail server and database.

"Microsoft has demonstrated a strong commitment to the lodging industry in recent years," said the manager of cPanel, J. Nick Koston. "Our development team for the Windows operating system from Microsoft believes that IIS7 offers a robust, high performance web server with more confidence that the industry adopt quickly. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and IIS7 with its modern architecture and support for legacy products is a natural starting point for our expanded product offerings. "

Enkompass WHM and will be discussed in depth in the cPanel 4th Annual Conference was held October 5-7, 2009 in Houston, Texas. This conference offers user sessions and provides information on 26 systems engineers, programmers, executives and technical support representatives, along with high impact technical training, roundtables, and expert advice on how to maximize potential business cPanel and WHM Enkompass.

More information and register at the registration http:// / discounted price now.

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Since 1997, cPanel is a leading innovator and developer of the control panel for web hosting industry. Headquartered in White Haven, PA software cpanel based web hosting service professionals Full version turn into a separate server fully automatic point-and Web-click hosting platform. The full version software licensed owners of sites and servers with cPanel resellers and developers to optimize their technical resources and replace the tedious task-oriented shell with a dynamic network, intuitive driven interface.


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