Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bras and media announses `s history. Some have upgraded to version Espresso (kokk) registri Platform

The. Any top level domain is now full - featured, standards - based on the world - class
Registri Platform
Brass dotfm media, especially at the level of world registri for Web addresses ending in
. Some, today announced that. Any top level domain has been successfully
Distributed a copy of Espresso (kokk) letters registri platform.

Espresso and Sissy is a very - Topics registri world - class platform for kktlds,
באזירט אויף קאָקקאָ, די מערסט וויידלי דיפּלויד ווייכווארג רעגיסטרי אין דער וועלט. The
אַדהערע to registri specifications Software Engineering (Ravens) for
Registration, resolution, and vhois information. Espresso is also an advanced version
Features for use with internatyonalized domain name (the Jews), and ENUM.It
And supports the Java 6, as well, dnssek. More than 14 top - level domains and more than 200
Registrars, with most registrars ikann major, fully integrated with the

". We are 'bad content and happy to announce that. Odd thing now live on the
Espresso minutes registri platform, "noted George Bundy T, Sherman and SEO Brass
Ink and media. "The world - class registri Platform is the standard for an exciting
To date in the future. We look forward to take full advantage of the many
Standard - based on the advanced features of the Espresso Cisse, and the region internatyonalized
The names and Jaffa (6) and dnssek. The. Any top level domain is already in the
The lead in regularly tshanging site. With the highest registri - Bullet
First - class platform and managed by ultradns the root of the region, and. Still, some individual
Among the most reliable, stable and reliable high peak field in the market
Today. "

Bras and media was a pioneer in the 'multimedia' Since the launch of a field location. Some &
. Top-level domain in 1998. Since that time, the Brass media and aktiveli
Polimorfisms success and date of sale and Udostępnił radio and traditional
And interactive media company in all over the world. Presse, the victim and the media now. Some &
. Between domain names to anyone interested in getting on their own "Great Sounding Web
Address; "does not yet exist, or through any of our affiliates. Something /. Enrolled, and
Sales partners all over the world.

In April 2009, Bras and media announced plans to secure the operation and marketing
. Radio individual. It will be positioned as Dotradyo Multimedia in the New Day
Air and Online Community. We plan to launch. "Radio" is following in the ikann (internal
Company name and the assigned numbers) decision to expand the field site
As well as the standard. المشط ". الصافية ، و. غزاله. الرهان يسمى" اكبر اسم النطاق
Expansyon "in the history of the Internet, and the transition is expected to open higher
Field in the same location for an unlimited number of extensions.

The media about the Brass Ink:

Based in the south of Market area (Summit) in San Francisco, California, Brass Media
( is a member of the National assosyatyon broadkasters, and
assosyatyon vebkasting international and allyanse vebkaster. In a single list
Of the fastest growing in the private sector by a company champion and sixth Business Times
Ink. Magazine portfolio of Internet properties, including: history and booster
Register for a premium multimedia domain. And some. Among the areas; dotradyo, and new
. President of the radio the same field of aviation online and the Community; area iDotz.Net
Register for all areas of top-level domains (. Comb. "Net,. Org), as well as, boutique domains
(. Television. Los Angeles. William. Earner and. From); & @ @ Radio.FM Radio.AM, free web-based e-mail services
Any time before - a popular Web radio, the living gate on "tuning in" Radio for
Internet. So far, those putting dotradyo either registered trademarks or
Trademarks of Bras and media, and ink.

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