Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ted kennedi - under the Web address for the bands snapped

In 12 minutes after the death of Edward with kennedi, nearly 100 domain names related to her husband was registered with, the largest records for Web addresses.

"To put that into perspective, it's more than one recorded the names of many celebrities over the full 24 hours after the passage - celebrities like Farah favsett, to McMahon, Heath Ledger, Steve Irwin, Billy Mays," said driskoll Elizabeth, a company spokeswoman said that the Arizona charges less than $ 10 per year for the recordings.

While driskoll deklined disclosure of domain names, and sits customer privacy, and all positive, "she said." Velvet them look like 'bad in an attempt to predict the memorial Web sites - names that would be of value if you're going to a memorial page or function to celebrate his life, "said driskoll.

The eyes of these areas it was offered for sale on online auction site an article yesterday, and looks to be the hope of selling some trees - rich - quick sales.

A man calling himself the graves of California at $ 9 million request Described in an e-mail as "one of those foreigners are stuck between not go home without money, live in the American trap, and not a dream."

Tombs said he registered the domain for about five months. "This is common now," he said. "Web domain names famous people are selling a good story."

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